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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Box Jelly fish experts visit Koh Samui

Yesterday Box Jelly fish experts visit Koh Samui and had a meeting in Lamai with local key people who will be involved in raising awareness and prevention of box jelly fish stings. 
Dr. Lakkana Thaikruea M.D, M.S., PHD from Medicine Faculty CMU (Chiang Mai University) has spearheaded the meeting and met with among others; 
Director of Koh Samui hospital, Bangkok hospital, Tourism police, Public Health by district, Public health by Tessaban, Khun Jim by HR club and TAKS, Khun Jultamart and Dr.Lakkana team members.

Box Jelly fish experts visit Koh Samui

Box Jelly fish experts visit Koh Samui, group picture on Lamai beach, Dr. Lakkana is in the middle of the picture

Dr. Lakkana was on Koh Samui a year ago when she led a Box Jelly fish awareness and prevention educational program on Koh Samui for local hotel staff, organized by the THA (Thai Hotel Association) during which more than 60 local hotel staff members attended. The THA is planning a similar set up this coming January 2016.

During previous visits to Koh Samui with the box jelly fish work group earlier this year and in 2010, I met with Dr. Lakkana and other members of the work group, to discuss and monitor actions that can be taken to raise box jelly fish awareness and prevention on Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.

Box Jelly fish experts visit Koh Samui

Box Jelly fish experts visit Koh Samui, Dr. Lakkana during the meeting yesterday

Various items were discussed, among others; placing life guards on beaches, vinegar pole installation with signage and warning signs, stinger net installation, first aid and rescue training, surveillance networks for early detection and warning and ethics regarding taking pictures of the victims.

Good topics and it shows that this has been taken seriously and action is being taken. 

Today Dr. Lakkana will have two more meetings on the island regarding the box jelly fish situation before he will return to Chiang Mai. 

I'm looking forward to meet Dr. Lakkana again in January 2016 for additional training of hotel staff and to further implement other ideas that will help to deal with the box jelly fish around Koh Samui and to raise awareness and prevention.

Box Jelly fish experts visit Koh Samui

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