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Friday, 23 October 2015

Nadimos, Lebanese restaurant in Bang Rak

Earlier this week I had dinner with a friend at Nadimos, Lebanese restaurant in Bang Rak. Recently they moved location, they can now be found at their new location inside the Petcherat pier. For my previous review, please look here.

Nadimos, Lebanese restaurant in Bang Rak

The sign at the Bang Rak beach road, in front of Petcherat pier

It was my first visit after they changed location and for my friend it was an introduction to the Lebanese kitchen. 
I've been a fan of Lebanese food since the late eighties, when I discovered this food in West Berlin, where I lived at the time being. It has been very hard to find good Lebanese food on the island and some places opened and closed again, but it looks like Nadimos is here to stay and they offer real genuine Lebanese food.

Nadimos, Lebanese restaurant in Bang Rak

Our starter, a mixed cold mezze plate, including; hummus which are pureed chick peas, sesame sauce and lemon juice; motaball (or babaganoush) which is an eggplant puree, sesame oil and lemon juice; tabouleh, chopped parsley, diced tomatoes, crushed wheat & lemon oil dressing; falafel, a crunchy crocket of beans served with sesame sauce and labneh which is soft white cheese, fresh mint and olive oil

We ordered a mixed starter, the above pictures cold mezze mixed platter and a mixed BBQ mixed platter, pictured below. The food was good and I really enjoyed the various cold mezze's and the BBQ platter. In all fairness, my friend wasn't as taken away by the foo as I was. I guess he needs some practice!

Nadimos, Lebanese restaurant in Bang Rak

Mixed BBQ platter with 2 lamb skewers, very tender chicken and lamb sausages. 

All the food is halal prepared and there are lots of vegetarian options available.

I can recommend a visit to Nadimos, although it was a bit pricey in our opinion, the total bill came to 1,500.-THB without alcohol.
There are resident discount cards available which entitle you to 10% discount on consecutive visits.
Opening times are from 7am to 11pm and delivery is from 11am to 11pm. Call 077 484 622

Check out their Facebook page or their website, that includes their three Bangkok outlets as well, where Nadimos' story started.

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