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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Cleaning of Chaweng lake and klong area 17-19 October

The THA (thai Hotel Association) chapter Koh Samui is involved in many projects around the island, including many ecological projects, like buildings water dams in the mountains or with awareness and prevention programs for box jelly fish.

Coming up next weekend is a project at Chaweng lake and as many readers and locals, tourists or expats may have noticed, the Chaweng lake area has a lot of water plants directly  in front of the connection to the klong (small river).

It is really necessary to remove these plants for obvious reasons and to continue a steady water stream between the lake and the klong. It helps preventing the lake from overflowing and with healthy water movement in the lake, the water sustains better quality and oxygen levels, necessary for the fish inside the lake to survive.

Therefor the Chaweng calamity and emergency group existing of:
  • Rak Chaweng group
  • Royal Thai Army
  • Tessaban Koh Samui
  • Chaweng police department 

Are taking some action and the THA chapter Koh Samui has asked some resorts near the lake to provide volunteer staff for this cleaning of Chaweng lake and klong area 17-19 October.

Cleaning of Chaweng lake and klong area 17-19 October

Supported by The Loft resort and restaurant, who will coordinate all F&B items, the THA chapter Koh Samui asks the hotels and resorts in question to supply on each day 20 staff per invited resort to support this joint operation. Participants should be issued garden gloves, boots and big black garbage bags, so they're ready to take on the vegetation.

Meeting point is Laem Din hotel at 08.00 am each day.

The Royal Thai Army, Tipparat school and other institutions will provide additional staff to make this event smooth and easy going.

As a bonus, once all the water plants are removed they will be used as fertilizer and compost all around the area.

One of the many good initiatives that take place around the island and don't get that much coverage. Well done to all involved parties and I hope to be able to join one day and report back.

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