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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Goodbye to October 2015

It's the last day of October 2015 and it's time to say 'Goodbye to October 2015'.

The weather during this October was not great. Plenty of cloudy and rainy days, in my opinion more than usual for an average October. Sure there were some sunny days but there was also plenty of rain and especially towards the end of this month it looked like the rainy season had already started.
I would rate this October as slightly below par!

Goodbye to October 2015

The box jelly fish beach signs, in English and Thai languages, that will be used around Koh Samui, with a test phase in Lamai first

Other news around Koh Samui has the tragic dead of a 20 year old German girl due to a box jelly fish incident at Lamai beach earlier this month in the headlights. This triggered a lot of initiatives, through official channels and private efforts, like my presentations on awareness and prevention about box jelly fish. All these efforts can be found under this 'box jelly fish' label.

Our stay at Zazen boutique resort & spa last weekend was a highlight for our family and we enjoyed every moment of that.

Restaurant reviews of Artizen tables & deli and Nadimos, Lebanese restaurant were also posted this month.

Still an enjoyable month for me, since I got to spend it at home, with my family. Later today I'm off to Surat Thani, where I'm planning to run a half marathon tomorrow morning, after which I will drive to Khao Lak to start a PADI IDC there on Monday.

Thanks for visiting my blog this month and I look forward being able to welcome you next month, November 2015!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for an informative blog!

Me and my family are going to Koh Samui and/or Koh Phangan in July 2016. Given the latest incidents with box jelly fish we are a bit concerned that we won't be able to do much snorkeling and swimming in the ocean as this is something we like very much.
Do you know if there are any hotels/beaches on Samui or Phangan where there are or they plan to set up stinger nets?
Are there any areas (e.g. nearby islands or similar) that are considered more safe when it comes to box jelly fish?
Are stinger suits available in local shops?

Any info on what measures are taken is welcome!



Camille said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the heads up!
There is talk of getting netting for various hotels around Koh Samui, but at this moment nothing has been confirmed. It takes time to get the right net for the various beaches and resorts around the island.

The whole are is more or less the same regarding box jelly, they are all over the Gulf of Thailand but on Koh Tao there's so far only incident reported back in December 2009.

On Koh Phangan there's the importer for stinger suits for Thailand. In due time I can get them for you if you stay on Koh Samui.

Chances of getting stung are actually pretty small or rather very small, but you want to be aware (what you are) and prepared!