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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Artizen, tables & deli

Recently we visited Artizen, tables & deli, located in the greater Bang Rak area, near the arrivals area of Samui airport. It's Chef Jonny's baby and he created a lovely place where you can get good, mostly organic food in a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

Artizen, tables & deli

Assorted appetizers

We visited Artizen, tables & deli the last Sunday of the month and without knowing it, we were in for a 'Lazy Sunday BBQ'. We made a reservation the day before, but unfortunately the Thai staff didn't alert us to this fact. We decided to stay and enjoy the BBQ and we didn't regret it, but it's something you may want to check out, if it's alone for the price difference with the regular menu.

Artizen, tables & deli

The deli table

The restaurant area at Artizen, tables & deli is rather big, with an inside and outside area, with the latter being really nice on sunny days and it gives you a good view on the garden, where a lot veggies are cultivated and grown that are used in the food that you order.

Artizen, tables & deli

Assorted sesame & mirin vegetable rice paper rolls

The selection of food that was offered was good, with plenty of choice, including various salads, the rice paper rolls pictured above, a Tom Yam soup, mashed potatoes and more. There was also some excellent fresh bread and plenty of oils and sauces to choose from; truffle oil, basil oil, balsamic vinegar, chilli sauces, chutney and a few more.

Artizen, tables & deli

Part of the salad bar

As part of the BBQ you also get to choose from Kurabuta pork chops, sausage and /or pork loins or you can have a mi of these selections. The meat was really good and barbecued on the spot by Jonny. He has at least three different sausages and they're really good, I can recommend his Indian sausages.

Artizen, tables & deli

Assorted fresh bread

We had a nice afternoon, with good food but it was a lot of food as well, another thing you may want to consider if you visit the last Sunday of the month. Especially for us non English, a Sunday roast style BBQ can be a bit overwhelming.

Artizen, tables & deli

The barbecued meat section

It will be interesting to go back and try the standard menu, this carries also a few interesting items that I would love to try. There will be a link to Artizen's website at the end of this post, where you can find a link to the menu as well.

Artizen, tables & deli

Chef Jonny at the BBQ, owner of Artizen, tables & deli

Artizen was also represented at the recent Samui green market, where they were selling deli products, another reason to check out Artizen and pick up some good deli products.

Artizen, tables & deli

The Lazy Sunday BBQ menu at Artizen, tables & deli

I can recommend a visit to Artizen, tables & deli. Most of the food is organic and comes straight out of the garden on the premises. Monday and Tuesday they're closed, but you can make reservations at 086 944 9674 or visit their website at 

Artizen, tables & deli


Artizen, tables & deli

Artizen, tables & deli garden

Hope you enjoy your meals here!

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