Monday 9 December 2013

Nadimos Lebanese Restaurant in Bang Rak

Nadimos Lebanese restaurant in Bang Rak has changed location in 2015 and can now be found at the Petcherat pier in Bang Rak

This is an exciting moment, a new restaurant, Nadimos Lebanese Restaurant in Bang Rak with one of my fave cuisines, the Lebanese cuisine! It comes with a Lebanese ownership, management and chef. It opened last month, being located inside the Prana Resort & Spa in Bang Rak and now was about time to check it out!

Nadimos Lebanese Restaurant in Bang Rak

The restaurant sign

After a bit of online research it turned out that this is the third Nadimos outlet, there are already two restaurants by this name in Bangkok with a further 3 planned to open. Looking at their website, the menu was very promising!

Nadimos Lebanese Restaurant in Bang Rak

The dining area

I really like Mediterranean food a lot and when in Bangkok I tend to visit the Egyptian restaurant Nassir El Massri. During my trip to the United Arab Emirates, 3 years ago, one of my hosts originates from Lebanon and whenever I'm in his company, when possible we eat Lebanese food and there was plenty of it in the UAE. I learned from a 'master'!

Nadimos Lebanese Restaurant in Bang Rak

Hummus and mottabal

They have plenty of cold or hot 'mezze' or starters on the menu and two of my faves are 'Hummus' ((silky mashed chickpeas with sesame paste) and 'Mottabal' or 'Baba Ghanoush' (smoked grilled eggplant dish), I always tend to order both with slightly favoring the Mottabal. Both dishes are excellent here at Nadimos by the way with a delicate smoked taste in the mottabal.

Nadimos Lebanese Restaurant in Bang Rak


This dish, the Mouhammara was new to me so I had to try it! It's crushed walnut with a pomegranate sauce including garlic, herbs and spices such as coriander, dill, blue fenugreek (only found in mountain regions such as the Alps or the Caucasus) and salt.

The starters come with pita bread and you dip small pieces of the bread into the starter dishes and eat it or if you like me, lick your fingers off!

It was awesome! I knew before I went there that I would order too much and the starters alone would have filled me but sure enough that wasn't enough for me. I needed to try more! I was ready and prepared for the 'ordeal'.

Nadimos Lebanese Restaurant in Bang Rak

Lamb ouze

As a main I had a traditional dish, the Lamb Ouze, roasted baked lamb served with cardamom rice that came with a sauce and cashew nuts on top. Utterly delicious indeed!
For the kids I ordered some chicken skewers that also went down very well.

Nadimos Lebanese Restaurant in Bang Rak

Mankushe, cheese and zaatar mix

This Mankushe (pronounced Maneekees) is almost like a pizza, dough with half cheese on it and the other half had Thyme on it, excellent to keep dipping into your starters and the main!

It was just what I needed and was looking for! After a short spell of a Lebanese restaurant in Chaweng, now at last there's real authentic Lebanese food on the island and it is well worth visiting, for the atmosphere but mainly for the authentic food.

Now I can't wait until my friend Imad comes and visits me again!

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Unknown said...

aaah, thats what we were waiting for. My husband is from Lebanon and we really love that kitchen. Thanks for the tip Camille and thanks again for your nice and informative blog.
greets Marion and Toni

Camille said...

Hi Marion and Toni,

Good to hear from you and I'm sure you and Toni will enjoy the food!