Thursday 26 December 2013

2004 Tsunami remembrance

It's already 9 years ago that the devastating tsunami hit the Thai coast, In just a few hours time I remember seeing the first reports on Thai TV, 9 years back, about an earthquake that shook Phuket, with possibly a few people having died. 
How things turned different rather quickly.

Tsunami safe point

Tsunami safe points have been build along the coast, this one is at Tab Lamu

These safe houses have been build and can be used in case of a tsunami warning, to climb to higher ground when near a beach. I've seen two when I last visited Khao Lak in November.

The aftermath

The aftermath in Khao Lak

Next year I would expect a big remembrance ceremony at all the various locations that the tsunami struck.
For now, lots of strength to all the people who were affected 9 years ago.

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