Sunday 22 December 2013

Food on Wheels; Food on the go at Big Buddha

Whenever I visit Big Buddha, I don't even notice the food carts. Although, sometimes our kids may want a pancake, some ice cream or some fruit. Still, they're so much part of the environment after having lived here for so long, that I don't even think about it twice!

Corn and deep fried junk food

Corn and assorted deep fried junk food, Thai style

Here we are, with anther addition to the growing list of the 'Food on Wheels' series and it wasn't until a recent visit to Big Buddha that I realized that all the small street food vendors that are always present at the gates to the actual Big Buddha, are very much part of the Food on Wheels family. 

Corn and deep fried junk food

The pan with oil for deep frying purposes is on the right hand of the cart

Sometimes you just have to keep an open mind and you don't even need to look so hard. As is the case this time. Most of the variations here I have posted about already, at least once or twice but in tourist locations like this, you can almost expect to find some carts selling a variety of food. Where ever you will be in Thailand.

Fruit cart

The good old fruit seller

The more popular a destination is, the more likely you will find food vendors and the wider the selection there will be. 
The salespeople here at Big Buddha may vary from time to time, as the food on offer may change occasionally but there will always be this basic core of food on offer.


The pancake, can't be missed out!

It's a fascinating and interesting phenomena and it's part of the reason I started this series. It's also nice to see that this kind of food offerings are not exclusive to Thailand, but I've already posted about 'Food on Wheels' in Indonesia, the Philippines and South Korea. These are just a few of the countries I visited since I started this blog but Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia, countries which I visited before I started this blog, also have a thriving Food on Wheels tradition. 


For young and old; ice cream

This was the last addition for this year, hopefully some more interesting posts can be seen in 2014. Stay tuned!

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