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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sweet Sisters Café, Ban Bang Kao

After having seen and met the sisters of the Sweet Sisters Café at the recent Samui Green Market in Chaweng and having read their reviews on Trip Advisor, I was looking for an opportunity to visit them and try out their food.

Sweet Sisters Café

Sweet Sisters Café

Unfortunately they're not located near the busy touristy part of the island but rather in a fairly remote area named Ban Bang Kao, where the roads 4170 and 4173 meet and they're right there, near a 4 road intersection. See on a map here. The rum distillery in Ban Thale is not far away, on the same 4170 road, of which they have rum for sale by the way.

Sweet Sisters Café, entrance

The entrance

This morning a great opportunity presented itself, when we had to go to the Ford garage to have our car checked for the half yearly maintenance check up. This happens to be not too far away and after a two and a half hour car check, we were hungry and ready for the Sweet Sisters Café, where we arrived shortly after noon.

Sweet Sisters Café, daily specials menu

The daily specials menu

First impressions do count and our first impressions were positive. The café radiates a warm feeling and the interior is warm and looks inviting, There are games for children and comfortable tables with chairs to sit at and plenty of interesting and relaxing eye catching things on the walls, like paintings for sale which fitted right into the atmosphere and a shelf with grains and other food items for sale.

Sweet Sisters Café, bruchetta with rice crackers

Bruchetta with rice crackers

All the produce used is either grown by themselves or bought from local farmers or bought on the local markets, as long as it's natural and organic. It may come as no surprise that no MSG is used no any other chemical enhancing agents, white sugar or polished rice. Diary is also not used unless mentioned in the menu and there are various gluten free foods as well.

Sweet Sisters Café, mains

Some of our mains, baked brown rice with cashew nuts and pineapple, a pumpkin soup and laab tofu

The menu is not too big but just big enough to make you think about what you want with some good and interesting choices and the prices seem to be all right. The menu holds some interesting fusion dishes and I'm already looking forward to our next visit so I can order new and different items from the menu.

Sweet Sisters Café, quinoa

My main, quinoa with avocado salad

The food was good and tasty and for the first time in my life I ate quinoa and I found it tasty and will try it again, when I have the opportunity. The pumpkin soup was delicious and so was the laab with tofu and baked brown rice! As a desert I managed to finish off a delicious organic cashew nut cake. We had a terrific meal and were fully satisfied and full!

Sweet Sisters Café, various foods on sale

Various kinds of food, grains, nuts and the like are for sale

My wife bought some fresh bananas, straight off a trunk from a tree, which you can see hiding in the left corner on the picture below and some fresh farm eggs (there were also fresh duck eggs straight off the farm), it's always worthwhile checking what's available, I would expect that to have daily changes.

Sweet Sisters Café, enamel food containers

Various enamel items for sale, like old style Thai food containers and cups

Their opening times are between 11am and 9pm and make sure to note that they are closed each Wednesday. For more information call them on 08 6470 8631 or 08 1892 1922 or check their Facebook page.
Great job Noiy, the older sister and the chef. Unfortunately I didn't catch the name of the younger sister  and of Noiy's daughter, who are both very pleasant and give an excellent service. One more reason to go back and find out!

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