Wednesday 11 December 2013

Kobori, Japanese restaurant soon to open in Maenam

Yesterday I followed up on an invite to test and taste Japanese fusion food for a soon to open new Japanese restaurant on the island, Kobori in Maenam. It was an interesting and exciting experience and in my opinion the test was very positive in their favor!

Kobori, Japanese restaurant in Maenam

Salmon roll, surface burned. At your table the salmon roll will be heated with a flame and the combination with the hot salmon and cool rice is awesome

A very creative fusion menu is being created and tested and we had a salad which was distinctively Japanese and good tasting but with a local Thai twist, so was a Sashimi dish (raw fish) and a sizzling platter with pork and veggies. The desert was even deliciously made with a Thai twist! All very promising and I'm looking forward to their opening, at the moment scheduled for mid January. I will get back on this in due time.

The name Kobori is also interesting, it originates from a story set in World War II and involves a love triangle between a Thai couple and a Japanese Navy officer, stationed in Thailand. It's been filnmed and multiple times and made into TV series various times, with well known Thai 'super stars' playing he lead roles, like Bird McIntyre.

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