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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Food on wheels; Pork head in Hat Yai

It's been over a year ago that we visited Hat Yai for the last time, May 2013 for a 13km run as part of the Hat Yai marathon.
As part of my 'Food on Wheels' series, a contribution from Hat Yai.

Side view, including fan, of the pork head cart

Last May I planned to visit again and run the same race but due an Achilles' tendon injury, I had to cancel those plans at a very last moment. Although that didn't make me happy at the time being, it did allow my tendon to heal and run the Laguna Phuket half marathon and Lansaka full marathon (my first full marathon) a month later!

Duck for sale, nicely lined up

During that visit last year, I noticed this by now familiar motorbike with side car but this time around with new goodies or rather food on sale. Pork heads!

Frontal view

This is the first time I saw this on offer on a motorbike. A rather interesting experience, although I saw plenty of pork heads at local markets around Samui and on the mainland.

Anybody for some fresh pork head?

Interesting and out of the ordinary things like pork heads for sale can be found anywhere in Thailand, especially local markets are a great place to find sometimes unusual things. Enjoy your stay in Thailand!

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