Wednesday 5 June 2013

Big Buddha pier in Bang Rak

Everyone who traveled through Bang Rak most likely has seen the Big Buddha pier or possibly has experienced or enjoyed the pier, which could be a very different experience, totally pending on your  perspective.
The pier is mostly known for the transfers of the MV Sea Flower, a big wooden boat, to/from Koh Phangan, docking on Phangan near Haad Rin, which is well know for it's Full Moon Party, usually once every month.

Big Buddha pier, view from the pier

View from the pier

A few times per day it can be fairly busy, when the boat departs/arrives with (Metered) Taxis and mini buses hanging around for customers or dropping them off. However, during Full Moon Party days, it can be a mad house here, especially when the Sea Flower arrives. It also can make for some amusing sights when the FMP survivors come swerving off the pier in various states of intoxication and fluorescent paint jobs done on their body.

Big Buddha pier, the pier

The actual pier

Back in the days, we're talking a century ago now, late 1999 and early 2000 the dive boat for the company I worked for at the time being also departed and arrived here every day. That was some hard work loading and offloading the boat each day with over a 100 tanks at times plus equipment bags, foods, drinks etc.

Big Buddha pier, minimart

How convenient, a minimart!

Next to the pier used to be a 7-11 but alas, this 7-11 burned down in 2008 after a car crashed into it and just recently a new outlet has opened up across the street. Now you can conveniently buy drinks, snacks and fluorescent FMP t-shirts at the pier while you wait for your boat to depart in the local minimart.

Big Buddha pier, view from the street

The view from the street, a few times per day busy, during Full moon; a zoo!

Besides the minimart, you will find a ticket outlet next to the minimart, a bathroom facility and usually there will always be a few motocycle guys hanging out if you need a transfer nearby. During the times the boat departs/arrives there will also be a few taxis hanging out.

Big Buddha pier, street sign

Street sign with times and price

Price for a one way ticket is 200.-THB and the boat leaves Big Buddha pier at 10.20am, 1.00pm, 4pm and 6.30pm each day.

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