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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Donsak, a different view

Most people coming or leaving Koh Samui by bus, car or motorbike just drive through Donsak and only know the place because the car ferry starts or ends here!

We're in the slightly 'privileged' situation that one of my wife's best friends originates from Donsak and hence we've visited Donsak a few times on social calls.

Donsak, Sunday market

The Sunday market in Donsak

In all fairness, it's not a very exciting place and if it wouldn't be for my wife's friend, I doubt that we would've stopped many times. However, we did stop a few times and it every time was worth while.

Donsak, ferry in harbor

The small ferry in the harbor, connecting two sides of the river

There's also some nice nature to be found around the greater Donsak area and I'm glad we had the opportunity to visit some nice spots that only locals would know about. Just like the small stream pictured below.

Donsak, little stream

A small stream. a great location for the kids to play around for a short while and get soaking wet!

Donsak, rubber

Rubber collecting, hard work! Get up early in the morning, let's say 4am, carve a line in the rubber tree and put the 'collection box' in place. Come back late in the afternoon and collect the rubber. Go home with the rubber that's been collected that day and press in a square form, so you can sell it.

Rubber plantations are widespread all over the Thailand's Southern provinces and I was quite surprised to find some plantations near the main road.

Kanchandit, restaurant

Kanchanadit restaurant 

About 35 to 40 km from Donsak is the small village of Kanchanadit, about which I wrote already a few times. One of the things that stands out most are the restaurants that are just outside of town and where you can eat some great and fresh seafood. They're build on stilts and go out over the mangrove swamps, that eventually lead into the Gulf of Thailand.
Great location and fantastic food! 

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