Wednesday 19 December 2012

Food on wheels, back to 1972

Last month I couldn't update this series of 'Food on Wheels', hence a special picture this time around. I was lucky enough to find a picture of a fruit cart from 1972, already 40 years ago! How time flies.


In the background is also a a cart what seems to sell Ba Pao. Some things luckily enough just never change! I had already a few black and white pictures up from the sixtees, earlier this year in July, check it out and enjoy.

For good measure a fruit selling cart from this year

If you follow my blog and this series, you may know how fond I am of vintage photographs and this is an excellent copy. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you check in next month for a follow up on this series.

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Bernd said...

Hi Camille,
i would appreciate seeing some more pics from the good old times on Samui, especially from 80s and the 90s, when i first visited Samui as a backpacker. Do you have any interesting pics, how things have changed (i.e. before/after).

Camille said...

Hi Bernd,

Unfortunately, I don't have too many pictures of Samui 'back than', however, the few pictures that I could find are posted on the blog, look under the label Samui tradition