Sunday 2 December 2012

Nike We Run Manila 10KM

This monrin at 5.30am the 10km We Run Manila race in the Philippines started and I was one of the 13.000 runners who participated.

My race shirt with individual bib number

The 'Nike we run' race series has visited 30 cities so far this and there are two more to go with the grand final in two weeks in Rio de Janeiro and over 350.000 runners have participated worldwide, so far.

My finishers shirt

My time was better than expected, around 52 minutes. I only arrived in Manila at 1am and got to bed in my hotel by 2am with an alarm set for 4.15am. It was either not 10km or I ran better than anticipated. Either way, it was fun and strange to run with so many people, especially the start was rather frustrating. People who go in front and than start walking?
The turning point was impressive though, I finished in the first 300 runners and to see a couple of kilometers of runners coming towards you at the turnaround point was great!

It was fun to do and I'm happy with my first race outside Thailand.

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- The M.A.D. Hapa said...

Well done, Camille! I can't imagine getting into bed after 2am and then exercising! Very impressive... what's next?

Camille said...

Thanks. I was also happy with my run, especially considering the circumstances.
Originally I thought that the Koh Phangan 10km would be my last race of the year but now Manila has been added and 16th December there will be a 10km run between Khao Lak and Phuket where I plan to race, that should really be it for this year.