Wednesday 12 December 2012

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 12th December, 2012

Today's weather;

Koh Samui's sky is cloudy but most likely it will stay dry or possibly just a small shower. Current temp at 7am is 25C

Yesterday rumor spread around the island that there would be another power cut which would last up to 3 days! The PEA, the agency responsible for the power distribution issued the statement below denying that this supposed black out is the case but they urge people to cut down on electricity use between 18.00 and 20.00 when demand is high.

Koh Samui, PEA statement about supposed black out

Koh Samui, PEA statement about supposed black out 

In the meantime, back in Khao Lak, we also have cloudy days and this morning is no different. Current temp at 7am is 23.7C
Yesterday we even had some hard rain during the afternoon.

Rainy day in Khao Lak

Rainy afternoon in Khao Lak yesterday

Yesterday saw a cloudy day over Koh Samui with a max temp of 29C

The forecast shows cloudy days ahead with some rain and stronger wind over the weekend and as of Tuesday the sunny days should be back again.

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