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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Goodbye to November 2011

Goodbye to November 2011

It sure was an interesting month, this November version of 2011!

First let's focus on what this blog is about, the weather on Koh Samui. That was actually very nice and very much unlike the way November can be during the rainy or monsoon season. We had many very sunny and warm days this month and although there was sometimes some rain, it was almost not even worth mentioning! This in sharp contrast to last year. November 2009 was similar, maybe even slightly better.

The weather on our island was also in sharp contrast to the flood in and around Bangkok. Over 600 people lost their lives and although the flood is receding, the damage is enormous. Emotionally for people who lost their houses and/or jobs or loved ones and financially for the all the industrial estates that got flooded.
There will be a lot of finger pointer and accusations going around for how the whole flood situation has been handled by the government. We can only hope for the areas that were flooded that lessons are learned and better protective plans and measures will be put in place to prevent an event on this scale to happen again.

I found myself back on the road once more this year, and I just finished a PADI IDC on Gili Air in Indonesia and did some great diving around the Gili islands. Right now I'm writing this post in Candi Dasa on Bali and in a few hours I should be diving "the Liberty' wreck, a famous wreck dive on Bali.
Earlier this month I also had a brief visit to Pattaya, for some diving there.

All in all a good month and it's about time to roll over for December 2011. The last month of this year will see me travel to Khao Lak to conduct the last IDC program of this year in Khao Lak.


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