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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 1st November, 2011

Today's weather;

Koh Samui's sky is a mixed bag this morning, as the picture below proofs. Blue spots with white fluffy clouds in it. It looks like another nice day. Current temp at 7am is 25C

My apologies for the look of the screen today, Blogger has been messing around, I'll try to fix it later.

The forecast remains good for the net 7 days, rather unusual for this time of the year and I wouldn't be surprised if this years rainy season will be a minor event, although, don't quote me if all of a sudden rainy season 'hell' breaks loose at some stage, later this month.

The 7-11's around the island and Tesco Lotus have been re-stocked and our local 7-11 had bottled water and plenty of bread yesterday.

Yesterday saw a gorgeous day around Koh Samui, sunny all day long under a near perfect blue sky. It wasn't until the early evening that a few minor showers cooled things down. Max temp reached 30.7C

My current PADI IDC on Koh Samui is half way, have look at my dive blog!

The sky over Samui this morning

In Bangkok things seem to have passed the summit but it's still a long way before things are back to normal and it take at least 10 days to drain the majority of the city.
The Western part of the city is bearing the brunt of the flood and Suvarnabhumi airport in the Eastern part of the city is confident it will stay open. Here's another photo gallery of the city floods.
Once more the importance of social media has been proven during the current flood crisis.

However, the premier said a critical mass of water had already been diverted away from the capital, while the governor feared another 'wave' would hit the western part of the city.

After the Flood Relief Operation Command suggested city residents move outside Bangkok in the wake of major flooding, Chon Buri has turned out to be the most popular destination for Bangkokians fleeing the flood. Our trip to Pattaya is still scheduled to start 3rd November, it will be interesting to see how busy the city will be.

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Kristijonas said...

Hi Camille,

Just wanted to thank you for your blog. There are many internet sources about Samui, but none with sort of "personal" feeling I found in your blog...
I am going to spend 3 months (all Winter!) in Thailand with my wife and two kids, arriving to Samui on Dec 10th. We made reservation for 30 days at Bangpo Village, just wanted something simple and quiet... Hope we made no mistake as there are no reviews about this place on the web... :)

All the best,
Kristijonas and Family

Camille said...

Hi Kristijonas,

Thanks for your nice words and good to know that you like the blog. I guess it does have a personal feel!

Nice move to stay 3 months on Samui, I hope you will all enjoy it. I don’t know the Bangpo Village but if you don’t like it, within the 30 days that you are there you can easily drive around and look at other places, there will be plenty of choice, but hopefully it will be all good and you don’t need to move around!

Kristijonas said...

I am sure we will enjoy it! We will be looking for babysitting service for our kids for a few days or more so we can take some PADI courses - this is something we cannot avoid in Thailand, I guess... :).

Camille said...

Hi Kristijonas,

Not too sure about babysitting services (some hotels will offer this!) but I can accommodate your diving needs. I will send an email to the dive center on Koh Samui that I work together with and I’m sure they will get in touch with you.