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Friday, 11 November 2011

Loy Kratong 2011; the day after

Loy Kratong 2011; the day after

This year's Loy Kratong was missed out on by family. We were too tired to visit the only to spots where a celebration was going on this year; Chaweng lake and Nathon, after our trip to Surat Thani to get Thai passports for my wife and son. Both would've involved hard to find parking spots for the car and long walks to the festivities and to Nathon also a long drive.
It came as a surprise to me that Wat Plai Laem didn't stage a celebration.

Chaweng lake this morning

My wife and me where at the Chaweng lake area this morning though and it was interesting to see the aftermath of the Loy Kratong festivities here. As the picture above shows, plenty of left over Kratongs floating on the lake.

Murky water and 'empty' kratongs

All the Kratongs were emptied out by some local youth. You're supposed to clip off some bits of your finger nails and hair and put it in the Kratong, together with 9 Thai Baht, for good luck!
Usually some kids jump in the water and get their hands on the coins!

Plenty of Kratongs under the walk ways, due to the wind direction

Cleaning up was in swing along the lake, I just wonder when and if the water will be cleaned of Kratongs. I have my doubts!

Some of the Lratongs are made of bread dough, typically they're made of banana tree stems and this year i saw for the first time coconut shells being used. All natural and degradable materials, although still plenty of empty plastic bags among the debris!

More next year!


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