Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Malapascua, Philippines island life

Malapascua, Philippines island life

My time on Malapascua is almost up. Today is the last day of the PADI IE and than the work bit is over an I'm back to Cebu for a night and than back home to Samui and Thailand!

Malapascua is mainly known for the possibility to spot Thresher sharks, one of the few areas in the world where that it is possible. I went on 3 early morning dives but didn't get to see them.

Before I take off from here, a few pictures that hopefully get the spirit of the island!

A map of Malapascua, it's a tiny island!

Some beautiful sunsets where available at no extra cost!

The village

The Philippines are catholic!

It was strange to see a church again and no Buddhist signs. I enjoyed my stay here and I can recommend a visit to this lovely island. There's not much action going on so if you're looking for a quiet island, this may be it.

Be aware that the water that's generated in a big local well for all the island is slightly salty! Bottled fresh water is widely available. There are enough restaurants available including an excellent Italian place; Angelina's!
Accommodation is relatively expensive, basic fan rooms start as low as 300,-PHP per night but a/c rooms are also available but start at a minimum of around 2.500,-PHP per night.

From Cebu city it takes about 3 hours by minivan or car to Maya, the northern point of Cebu island, followed by a boat transfer of about 20 minutes.


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