Monday, 21 February 2011

Ageha Sushi Bar in Lamai

Ageha Sushi Bar in Lamai

Since a month or so there's a new player on the Japanese food market on Samui and it's Ageha sushi in Lamai. They're located just before Tesco Lotus if coming from the direction of Chaweng, at the other side (right hand side) of the road, just opposite one of my fave eateries in Lamai, the Kao Man Gai place.

The front and entrance to Ageha Sushi bar

The restaurant even got recommend by a Japanese friend who never liked a Japanese restaurant on Samui before this place opened!

Seating arrangements in the back of the restaurant, Japanese style

Besides the seating options as pictured, the front part of the restaurant has more traditional tables in Western style which may be more accommodating if you're not Japanese or Asian.

The counter where the sushi and sashimi is made and rolled

The restaurant specializes in sushi and sashimi, so don't go there if you want any other Japanese food, they don't have it and don't offer it! Even a salad, which is on the menu is not a reason to visit! However, on the other hand, if you like fresh sushi made out of local fish, this is the place to be. All local fish is fresh and very tasteful! Tuna and salmon are imported and more expensive!

Sushi rolling and sashimi slicing in progress

The nice thing about the restaurant is that their prices are very good and you get excellent value for excellent food in return. Various sushi and sashimi sets are on the menu and single sushi and sashimi orders are possible.

Interestingly enough the chef of Yamato was there as well, he was on crutches as a result of a motorbike accident over a month ago but he told me that he closed his Yamato restaurant and is moving back to Japan. It was very sad to hear this, since I always liked Yamato and always thought this to be a very good Japanese restaurant as well.

Sashimi dish

I enjoyed the food a lot and also the cup of sake, that comes in a big wooden cup! The Asahi beer was cold and I'm looking forward visiting again! Hope you enjoy your visit as well.


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