Sunday 20 February 2011

100 days after passing away of Grand Mother in law

100 days after passing away of Grand Mother in law

That is today and this morning the whole family gathered at Wat Plai Laem to commemorate this event and this is also the moment when part of her ashes are being put to rest in a wall surrounding the Bot in the the Temple.

Pictures of Grandmother in law and her husband whom I never met

The whole family from my wife's father and mother's side came out to pray, commemorate and celebrate the passing away 100 days ago. Everybody is praying in this picture during the Monks chants.

The Monks and tons of food waiting for them

By 6.30am we were at the temple and we brought copious amounts of food, but so did all other family members, curries, fish, meat, fruit and sweets and much more were brought into the Temple to offer to the Monks and since we were the family who this was organised for, we had to wait for the Monks to finish their food before we could start eating.

After the food, part of Grandmother in law's ash was taken in an urn to a wall surrounding the main building on the temple grounds, the Bot, and she was put to rest inside the family space.
The whole family followed by holding on to a white rope that was wrapped around the urn.

One of the monks putting the ash in the small family space near the Bot. Rest in peace Grandmother, she was a good person!



Martyn said...

Camille your family's grandmother had a lot of people show for her 100 day ceremony. That's testament to what a good and popular lady she was.

Nice photos and I bet there were a few watery mouths waiting for the monks to finish their food.

Camille said...

Hi Martyn,

It's a big family but there were also amny friends attending.

One of those watery mouth's was mine! All other folk could eat at the same time as the monks, just the immediate family had to wait, including me! Another thing learned.