Thursday, 17 February 2011

Ekachai Srivichai show in Plai Laem

Ekachai Srivichai show in Plai Laem

Ekachai Srivichai is a well known Luk Thung artist from Southern Thailand, he's actually from Nakhon Si Thammarat.

His show in Plai Laem is part of the temple fair, organized around the Royally sponsored cremation ceremony of Prakru Suntinonthakhun at Wat Plai Laem earlier this week.

Early in the evening there were already plenty of people who wanted to make sure they got good seats and the entrance was already bustling with activity before the night broke.

Part of the early crowd may be that Ekachai is also part of the 'Meh Yok' tribe, which basically means that he's the sugar boy of older ladies who happily spend lots of cash and expensive gifts on him and similar artists like him. I strongly suspect however that Ekachai is gay so I wonder how that all fits in the picture? Than again, what do I know as Western outsider ;-)

Tickets aren't going to break an arm and a leg and with 150,-THB you're going to have a night of sanuk! I didn't stay on for the show, since a 4 hour show including support acts and the comedy guys is a bit too much for me.
A fellow blogger called the Cyber Captain describes how the live show is is in his blog.

Having worked in the music industry myself for a good amount of years, especially being on the road a few years, I must say that the stage was very big and looked very professional! Plenty of space for show troupes to dance!

A glimpse backstage with my good old universal back stage pass from my touring days was almost like a trip down memory lane, although none of the bands I worked with had such elaborate dance troupes and costumes.

The dancers in the troupe are almost all gay and when wondering around with my 5 year old son in his Thai school uniform we attracted a lot more attention from the male dancers and not nearly enough attention from the female dancers!

Some of the female troupe practicing their moves. It most certainly looked like a well orginsed and professional show. According to the feedback my wife received from the locals the show was very well received.

Here's one of his early songs, Maa Kud, his breakthrough in the Thai Luk Thung scene. Strangely enough a song I know since a fairly long time and always liked a lot but never knew it was his;


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