Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wat Plai Laem temple fair

Wat Plai Laem temple fair

As always, if there's a ceremony at a temple in Thailand, you can almost bet on it that there will be a temple fair as well.

Thai junk food

As always, food is around in copious amounts and various forms, although most of it is a Thai variation of junk food. This can be delicious as well, mind you!

Besides food, clothing accessories are also very popular, they tend be to be cheap on these fairs although the quality is not always the best. T-shirts, second hand shoes and you name it, it's all available. The picture above is a shop that sells all kind of items for women and girls.

Always a favorite, where ever you are in the Land of Smiles, deep fried critters like bugs, grasshoppers, scorpions etc. A specialty from the Isaan country side, nowadays spread throughout the Kingdom.

Drink are also taken care of and shops like these sell soda's, beers and liquor plus the obvious like M-150 and Red Bull.

Games are also very popular, bingo and gamble games alike are available and one that is popular with young and old is this darts game. 7 darts for 20BHT, if you hit a balloon with each dart you win a big fluffy thing.

Although the temple fairs are all looking alike at some stage, it is fun to visit them once in a while!


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