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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Double Dutch, a slightly different memory of Samui

Double Dutch, a slightly different memory of Samui

Two Dutch friends of us run since a few years a shop inside the Big Buddha complex and since recently also at the parking lot of Hin Ta Hin Yai in Lamai.

What they offer inside their shops is a friendly atmosphere where you can find some out of the usual trodden path souvenirs, mainly in the form of various sized Buddha statues in wood or bronze.

Their newly opened shop in Lamai has some very atmospheric lightning design and makes the shop appear very pleasantly. Many contemporary Asian art designs can be purchased here besides a wide variety of Buddha statues and figurines.

They offer any size statue, from very small to rather big and their prices are very gentle and competitive. Kees runs the shop in Lamai and Hans rules over Big Buddha.

Kees and Hans

This is at the entrance of their Big Buddha store, their original store. Many of their ideas were blatantly taken over by their neighbours and copies of their shop can be found all over the Big Buddha area.

A view on their Big Buddha store, with a little sitting area/bar (non alcoholic drinks only) with a neat sitting area outside where I took the picture.

If you're looking for a souvenir or something out of the ordinary, Double Dutch is a good place to have look at and enjoy their display.



Mike said...

Hi Camille what a good choice of name, of course in English it is an idiom meaning a person is speaking in a language that is difficult to understand.

Dutch for example:-)

That said it hardly applies to your two friends since most people from the Netherlands speak and write excellent English, like yourself.

Camille said...

Hi Mike,

If we don't speak English, there will be nobody who understands us, except for us Dutchies and a few Belgians (Flamish ones that is).

Thier name choice is good indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hi there
I have been to Double Dutch Big Buddha this morning and received the worst treatment ever! Considering that I bought 2 amazingly beautiful temple guardians from this store 3years ago, I wanted to show this store to my sister and some friends. On entering the store I mentioned to my sister (we are German speaking) that this store will be more expensive as the quality and the merchandise is of better quality. We got greater be rude generalizations of German people, got horribly sworn at and pushed out of the store, as I tried to clear up the misunderstanding I get the shop door slammed in my back... I was so excited and had only good words to say from our previous experience, but it has changed to just being utterly shocked and shaken up!
I hope this will reach the responsible people!