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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

15th June, 2010

Today's weather;

It's cloudy over Samui and rain could be part of the menu today. The sun had some feeble attempt to lift the cloud cover, so far to no avail. Current temp at 7am is 26.5C.

Yesterday saw the Dutch team win their first game at the World Championships football, despite a mediocre display. Those points are secured!

Weather wise it was hot and sunny all day, despite a mini shower early in the morning in Chaweng.
Last night it started to rain with a power cut as result during pretty much the whole time the Italian game was on. Max temp reached 33.1C.



Alex said...

Yes,it s cloudy day today,a little bit of raining,but it s fun. I hope for good weather next days!

Camille said...

Hi Alex,

More rain and clouds than expected today, hope you're still enjoying yourself!

Alex said...

Yes, it s true!! We leave the hotel now and hope to spend the evening at Dr Fish:)). What do you think for tomorrow? We have reservations for trips:).

Camille said...

Hi Alex,

The rest of the week may have an occasional shower but also mixed with sunshine, tomorrow it looks like you will be fine.