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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

18th May, 2010

Today's weather;

There's overcast hanging about over Samui and it's already hot in the early morning with a current temp at 7am of 30.9C!

Yesterday saw rain at least twice, early in the morning around 7am and in the afternoon at least once. It was a nice cooling down effect and we can actually do with some more rain here, especially the nice May/June showers, which last very short and quickly afterwards thing dry up!
Max temp reached the lower thirties Celsius.



Anonymous said...

Hi Camille, I would love to get your thoughts on the terrible voilence thats happening in Bangkok and your advice on travelling to Ko Samui via Bangkok. We are booked in for our holiday on the 3rd of June and have altered our trip to avoid the Bangkok apart from an over night stay at one of the airport hotels and head straight to Ko Samui. We've had mixed oppinnions on our decision, and unsure what to do as we would like still very much to visit. Many thanks in advance

Camille said...


Yesterday I posted this article which covers exactly your questions;
Is Samui safe right now?

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Camille,

Its always hard to know how much the media is actually covering and how much its making news out of.