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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Goodbye to May 2010

Goodbye to May 2010

A day early because I will be wreck diving tomorrow in Pattaya and won't have a lot of time to post.

May was an interesting month, if not only because of my change in my work situation with new partnerships on Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Lanta.

Weather wise it was warm and hot all over the month but at last we had some showers, I would almost think that we had more rain during May than we had during the rainy season! All in all a great month for good holiday weather.

There has been enough about the Bangkok riots and I can only hope that the current peace prevails and Thailand will be put on the map again for what it's known for, the Thai smile and a great holiday destination.

There were also two new restaurant reviews, the Lebanese station where I went twice this month and Cafe del Sol on Koh Tao. Both very recommendable.

Other blogs that had some good posts include Beyond the Mango Juice, who's author happened to be on the scene in Udon Thani when it was burning during the recent riots.

Jamie at the real Phuket blog had a family visit to the Cliff and and River Jungle Resort in the Kao Sok National Park, a resort that's high on my list of places to visit!

Monique keeps bombarding us with stunning nature pix, a great Dutch woman living on Samui.

Mike, a very active blogger residing in Prachuap Kiri Khan is looking at the costs of living in Thailand.

Malcolm is retired in Thailand and is loving it, he talks about the untouched live by Bangkok riots rural life in the boonies.

Andrew looks at Thai rural poverty - a powder keg, in reference to the recent riots?

Thai Life in Phana's blogger Lawrence is connecting to the past in this interesting post and Ben, the Thai Pirate looks at kids being Muay Thai youngsters.

If you want to have a look at some funny Thai related pix, visit and befriend my TIT or This is Thailand Facebook page. There are some real crackers there.

If you read all these posts and stroll around on just these blogs, you'll have a nice and relaxing Sunday!

Stay tuned and keep posting on all of our blogs,


Mike said...

Hi Camille, certainly not a month I will forget in a hurry! Thanks for the plug, I like your mini review.

When is the rainy season on Samui?

I thought it would be similar to here?

We only had rain on 3 days this month and not that much either. Looks of monsoon clouds but no action!

Camille said...

Hi Mike,

The rainy season is here around November. The current time of the year may see some rain here and there but it's tropical, rain and within an hour dry and (ideally) sunny again.

Martyn said...

A very dramatic month in Thailand's history and for all the wrong reasons.

Thanks for the inclusion of my Udon Thani post and I'm now about to look at This is Thailand's Facebook page.

You're now in Pattaya, you really do live a wonderful life. Best wishes from the UK.

Camille said...

Hi Martyn,

It was a month to remember indeed and it will be felt by all working in the tourist industry in Thailand, like myself for a couple of months to come I'm afraid.

Hope you enjoy TIT!