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Saturday, 15 May 2010

A white wedding

A white wedding

Today was a nice day for a white wedding, as Billy Idol would sing.

The wedding was around the corner of our house, directly in front of the Wat Plai Laem about a 500 meters walk, if at all. It was also a very close relative to my wife that got married today, a son of the sister of my wife's mother. Still with me?

The whole neighbourhood came to eat and enjoy the afternoon heat, including the new mayor. Plenty of family and relatives about. In contrast to Northern and especially North Eastern (Isaan) weddings, in the South you show up to eat and about an hour or maximum two hours later you're on your way again, after you left an envelope with money for the bridal couple.

In the meantime you either drank a bottle of whiskey with your table companions (8 in total) or if nobody happens to drink at your table, one of the folks at the table gets to take the bottle home. Today was a Johnnie Walker Red Label day.

Although it wasn't a massively big wedding, there was a good food and plenty of singing and dancing performed by a troupe.

The freshly wedded couple with the respective parents.

We stayed a little bit longer than usual, having arrived at 5pm, we left around 7pm (with the bottle of Red!).


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Anonymous said...

The son of her mother's sister. Wouldn't that be a first cousin? :-)