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Monday, 10 May 2010

10th May, 2010

Today's weather;

Another very late update on the weather on Koh Samui. First things first though and this morning I woke up at Koh Phangan under a nice blue sky. In all my 11 years on Koh Samui this was the first time I visited Koh Phangan and I enjoyed it a lot and am already looking forward to be going back.
Current temp at 13.00 is 32.6C!

Sunset at Haad Salaat on Koh Phangan yesterday

Yesterday saw a warm and sunny day with a max temp of 33.5C



Jess said...

From your blog I've gathered that you know a lot about Thailand!!
I will be traveling there in June & July and will be catching a bus from
Phuket to Koh Samui at one point. My only problem is I cannot find
anywhere the addresses of where the buses leave from in Phuket and
arrive/leave at Surat thani. I was hoping you had an idea??
thanks so much,

Camille said...

Hi Jess,

Thanks for your mail and enquiry.

The main government bus terminal is in Phuket Town off the north side of Phang-Nga Road between the Phuket Telecomnmunications Centre andf the Novotel Phuket City.

Hope this helps!

Good luck and enjoy your travels and your stay on Koh Samui.


Josh said...

That's a great picture, Camille. Love it!

Camille said...

Thanks Josh,

It was an absolutely spectacular sunset, we came driving down a mountain and on top of the mountain it was incredible!

This is taken from the beach with a cold one at hand!