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Friday, 7 May 2010

7th May, 2010

Today's weather;

Koh Lanta wakes up under a nice blue sky and although the rainy season officially started here, it's still very warm and sunny or in different words; nice! Current temp at 7am is 26.3C

Long Beach on Koh Lanta pretty much in the middle with a southern view

Yesterday was a very warm day with lots of sunshine and a very high max temp of 34.5C, in the early evening around 8pm it cooled down nicely with a little bit of rain.

Long Beach on Koh Lanta pretty much in the middle with a northern view

This morning we will move on to Kao Lak for a day and than back to Samui.



Anonymous said...

Dear Camille

Thanks for your blog.

We are planned to come to Samui on 8 May...
Check wheather on yahoo and there are a lot of storms all the week and some days there can be flights delay...
Is is true? Is the rain season is started?
because the weather is wonderfull according to your site...

Camille said...


It should be no problem and the conditions should be very nice. The forecasts that I use look good and Samui may have some occasional rain but should have no storms now!

You should have really nice holiday circumstances and weather on Koh Samui!