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Monday, 12 October 2009

Island life

Island life

A day in the life of an islander it almost seems like in this post; island life. This morning I was well on my way to Nathon to visit the local Immigration office to pick up the stamp for my yearly visa extension when we firstly encountered a massive black smoke plume over Maenam, similar to the one there was a bit over a year ago when a car crashed into the 7-11 in Bang Rak.

Island life
Island life; Fire in Maenam

This time a fire was raging next to or almost in/on a new construction site next to the Maenam river and all the construction junk and wood was ablaze in a massive fire, blackening the whole side of the construction site/building. Interestingly enough, immediately next to the fire was this row of machines which didn't look like they would take a fire on their paint too well, so after a quick picture or two it was time to move on to Nathon again.

Island life; Nathon

Once we arrived in Nathon and were about to drop off passenger in our car who was taking the ferry to the mainland, all the cars that paraded over the island since the end of Buddhist Lent day were gathered in Nathon to select a winner for the year. We didn't wait around for the final result since we had plenty to do but funnily enough the girl in the right bottom corner of this picture managed to pull off a typical Thai thing; posing in a picture. She saw me with the camera and in a kind of Pavlovian reflex she immediately went into posing mode and had a giggle about it when she figured that she had managed ending up posing on this Farang's picture. I've never seen the girl before!Nice car though, isn't it?

Island life
Island life; More action around the Seatran pier in Nathon for the car parade.

We planned to visit an eye doctor in Nathon for my wife but couldn't do this in the morning because there was no parking space available, all was taken up by visitors to the parade so we decided to come back in the afternoon after I found out that I went to immigration without my passport (a fine DUH moment) only to find out that they were closed/had a break for another hour when we showed up in the afternoon again. A third visit to Nathon for the eye doctor is in the making! Stay glued to this blog for updates.

We also had the 30.000km check by Ford taken care of for our car after we left Nathon in the morning.

In between trips to Nathon we also visited the brand new Tesco Lotus branch in Lamai and had lunch in our favorite Kao Man Gai place which is now directly located next to entrance to Tesco Lotus in Lamai.

A typical day in the life of an islander? Well maybe, at least we got some things sorted and taken care of, slowly but surely, in a nice slow way being not very efficient. yeah, that sounds like island life ;-)


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