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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Bangkok Subway system or the MRTA

Bangkok Subway system or the MRTA

After my write up of the Bangkok Skytrain system in February this year, it's now time for the MRTA or subway system to receive some exposure on my blog.
During my recent visit to Bangkok, I used the subway system each day and it's a very convenient way of getting around. It's a lot less crowded than the skytrain for starters, it only seems to get really busy during rush hour and the rest of the day you seem to have the stations almost to yourselves!

The skytrain and the subway system meet a few times, one station is Sukhumvit/Asoke and it's a convenient and easy way to get around downtown Bangkok. The only downside is that each transportation system uses its own tokens and if you switch transportation system, you need to buy a new ticket. There seem to be some talks under way though, to combine all various current tickets under one new ticket system for all public transportation modes in Bangkok.

Spacious cars are part of the system and the existing network is only 43.7 Km long but there are plans of extending the network with another 247.3 Km. Can't wait for the extension of both systems, it'll be fantastic and just what the traffic congested road in Bangkok really needs!

As you can see for yourselves, empty platforms during almost all the day and cool on top of that, in contrast to the typical hot day times of Bangkok.


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