Monday, 13 April 2009

Thailand in turmoil again

Thailand in turmoil again

After the demonstrations last year that culminated in closing down the international airport in Bangkok, by the yellow shirt wearers, there's a new wave in town, the red shirt wearers, who are supporters of former PM Thaksin Shinawatra.

After the unexpected closure of the Asean summit in Pattaya, this Saturday, now Bangkok is under a State of Emergency and all Songkran acctivities in Bangkok are cancelled.

Last night, the crackdown begun; Troops, firing tear gas and shots into the air, have moved in on protesters at the Din Daeng intersection near Victory Monument.

When a government is afraid, refuses to act, sits idly by and lets a mob terrorise a country, anarchy reigns while ordinary citizens suffer. A very good article about an impotent government letting anarchy reign.

There's plenty more information out there but in general it's not doing Thailand any favours. Let's just hope that this is over quickly and a peaceful solution can be found.



Mike said...

I tend to agree with the local English media. That said if the Thais want to destroy their country its up to them.

Sad really because I do so like Thailand.

Happy Dive Station said...

this is very bad for Thailand. Less people last christmas, and then this in front of the big holidays in Europe....... bad for business.

Happy Songkran

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your input. It's sad how it sia t the moment, whatever they're doing, it's not doing Thailand any favours.