Wednesday, 8 April 2009

8th April, 2009

Today's weather;

Back home on Samui again and it looked rather nice outside, a moment ago, with sunshine. Right now big and fairly dark clouds seem to come in place instead. Current temp at 7 am is 26C.

Yesterday was sunny and hot in Bangkok, with a max temp of 34.6C and Bangkok had almost 30 mm of rain, which I completely missed, or it didn't rain in the part of Bangkok that I was at.

Samui saw sunshine and rain yesterday with a max temp of 28.7C.



Happy Dive Station said...

yep it is very hot indeed. 3434.6 degrees??????

Happy Dive Station said...

ok veranderd. ;-)

Maria said...

hi. found your page. am planning a trip to thailand with my 10yr old son. want him to experience songkran but fear it may be unbearably hot? also where would best place to do this? friend suggested chiang-mai? also want paradise white beaches so where would i go? phuket,koh samui,krabi...? would there be anything for kids at this time of year (1st two weeks of april). hope you can help.


Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Maria,

Songkran should be hot but it looks like this year it may be bearable. Right now, for the next two days or so Thailand has lots of rain which is rather unusual. Regarding Songkran, I would recommend a place where the celebration is one day, 13th April, places like Chiang Mai are known for 3 or 4 day long Songkran celebrations, a bit too much of a good thing if you ask me. Places like Samui or Phuket come to mind, although in general, I think that Samui may have better weather conditions throughout April.

Samui also supports the beaches, quiet beaches in Bophud, Maenam or Choengmon and a bit more busy in Lamai and Chaweng. Have a look at my blog for things to do in Samui.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Camille,

I found your Blog on Google while looking for a weather forecast for the area. My wife and I are flying from London and going to Phangan tomorrow to celebrate our 30 years of marriage. We came to Samui 2 years ago and enjoyed it.

Your weather seems unusual for this time of year. Do you think it is likely to clear up soon? About how many hours of sunshine are you getting?

Is there anything you suggest we take in while over there?

All the best,


Ben Shingleton said...

I was in Bangkok a couple of days back, the skies opened up and there was a downpour for half an hour, just like the wet season. Always gets me when you see the poor Thai's getting soaked in the back of their pick ups, trying to hide under those little white food cartons or whatever they have to hand!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Huw,

The next couple of days the weather should pick up again and turn sunny. Loads of sunshine and not much rain if any at all.