Thursday, 9 April 2009

Chaweng Pagoda completed with an opening ceremony

Chaweng Pagoda completed with an opening ceremony

About six weeks ago I reported that the pagoda in Chaweng was almost completed. I've been reporting about this Pagoda now for well over a year. Therefor it was good to be able to attend today's ceremony.
Today there was a ceremony where plenty of people attended, including the Tessaban and the current 'Samui governmental rulers' and plenty of monks.

All scaffolding was removed but on the top part of the Pagoda, a new scaffold was erected to place a sacred object in towards the end of the ceremony.

The typical chanting was not left out during this ceremony and the old man on the left was reciting the chants. There was plenty of food waiting in fronts of the monks and in general there was plenty to eat for everybody attending. Interesting was that everything had to be carried up the stairs to the pagoda, which is quite a climb with some 70 steps or so (just guessing right now).

The upstairs room is now at last completed and a Buddha statue has been erected inside.

Highlight of the day was placing the sacred object (I'm still not really sure what is actually installed) in the tower of the pagoda. According to my wife, sometimes members of the Royal Family are asked to handle this honorable task. Here on Samui it was somebody from the local Tessaban who had the honors.

It must have been an interesting experience to have to walk up the scaffolding, glad it wasn't me who had to put the object inside the small tower chamber.

On the way out, it took a while before we could leave, it was that busy and everybody was funneled into a small passage past the main monks who were handing out small Buddha hangers.
An interesting experience, it's always good to see how the Thais share food during these communal happenings and also interesting to see how the whole ceremony developed, with the (typical and usual) chanting, rolling the white thread around the temple/pagoda and the ending ceremony. Glad I was there today.


Howard said...


Many thanks to your reply to my queries regarding the May weather patterns on Samui.

We decided to book up flights regardless of the weather and will arriving into Samui on 23rd of April for a stay of 3 weeks and hopefully not getting too wet...!!

As years go by the weather patterns for Thailand seem to fluctuate so much as do the rest of the world so who knows what we can expect.

Reading your blog this evening its interesting to see that the new pagoda that you have followed so much has now completed, a new site for us to check out ! Its the remaining 20 days that will prove to be a challenge to entertain our 1 year old son. This visit is going to be a new experience all together for us.

We plan to take Louis for a blessing at Wat Plai Laem , who knows we may see you when passing.

Enjoy the forthcoming Songkram celebrations!

Our best regards

Howard & Michelle Frank

Ps, Keep up that blog!!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Howard,

Glad to see that you made the decision to follow up on your Samui holidays! As things look like right, the weather is going to be better again!

Enjoy Samui and the blessing for Louis.

The Pinay Blogger said...

Ohh very nice Camille! It must be nice to witness it's development and the end result. You are very lucky!
I'd like to see Thailand someday...