Saturday, 4 April 2009

Shabusi Restaurant, Pattaya

Shabusi Restaurant, Pattaya

This is an interesting restaurant, run by the Oishi group in Thailand, the same group that runs the Oishi Express chains, like in Phuket. It's located in the brand new Central Festival shopping mall in Pattaya.

The name of the restaurant is actually a mix of two names of Japanese foods; Shabu Shabu and Sushi, forming Sabushi!

The place is very popular, partly because of the great value, about 280,-THB for an all you can eat buffet.

When I visited yesterday, all the time lines were queueing up outside.
The concept is fairly simple, a conveyor belt brings non stop various plates for your shabu shabu, like meat cuts, fish and vegetables or various kind of sushi. Soft drinks are included as well, as much as you want and various side orders are available, like garlic rice, Sabah fish and for dessert fruit and ice cream.

This is how my eat place looked like. The quality of the food is mediocre, it's more about quantity than quality but it's fun to have done once.

This picture shows the conveyor belt, bringing the plates around. The place had two different belts serving a lot of people, my guess was close to 80 or 100 people.
You only have an hour and 15 minutes to eat as much as you can, than you pay an add on fee for each 10 minutes that you stay.
A fun experience to have done once but I'm not sure if I would visit this place many times.

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