Monday, 20 April 2009

Our blossoming garden

Our blossoming garden

It's April and the rainy season is coming on most of South East Asia, including Thailand but Samui usually has the hottest month of the year!
It also means that all kinds of fruit are in season and our garden is having a ball this year.

Mango's or Mamuang in Thai are plentyful in our garden as they are around the rest of the island, they're everywhere, buckets full.

Papaya or Malako, a few hours ago, 8 kilo fell out of one single tree in our garden.

Our Rose Apple trees or Shompoo, are loaded with fruits, just like last year.

We've got banana's growing right now, although they're not seasonally bound.

These Tamarinds or Makhaam, are real good ones, and some of the local restaurants around our house love them, my wife sells them since a week or so for 40 Baht per kilo and a good 20 kilo or so has come down already, with plenty more still up in the tree. It's a massive, old Tamarind tree and at the moment it produces tamarind like there's no tomorrow. The current hard wind helps a lot with getting them out of the tree and makes it easy, you just have to go and pick them up!

These massive Jackfruits or Kanoen are just sitting in a tree and there's plenty of them! Nice fruit and very tasteful.

On top of all that fruit, there are also various beautiful flowers in blossom, like this big red one above, I don't know the name but it looks lovely.

Here's another that caught my eye in our garden and these are just a few.
Frangipani's or Leelawadi are blossoming as many other flowers do right now. It's greta to see this and enjoy the moment.


Happy Dive Station said...

i just love to eat Jackfruit. a bit of a banana colour when ripe.

Camille said...

Hi Richard,

These are the just the fruits blossoming right now, there are plenty of other fruits throughout the year that are great as well.

One of my faves are Durian and Mangosteen!

Mike said...

Great pics and what an abundance of fruit you have. Can't say I like Jackfruit but tamarind adds a flavour to our cooking.

The top three fruits you mention are all on my weekly shopping list since our garden is not that big for fruit trees.

Unknown said...

We have planted tons of fruit too in our farm in the Philippines but it's still a few years before they bear fruits.

I love Mangosteen too but Durian I just can't get myself to eat it!

Camille said...

@ Mike, I'm glad we got such a big garden, it's great to relax on and the kids can pla as well! The fruit is a big bonus!

@ Jade, didn't like durian when I arrived in Thaialnd but love it now! The smell of it wakes me up and wants me to eat it!

Angel said...

Tamarinds or Makhaam, it looks weird on it shape. Is this kind of fruit only available in Thailand?

I will remember it and taste it when i visit Thailand next month.

MoniqueSamui said...

Die laatste twee zijn pauwenkers en erg geliefd bij vlinders, vandaar dat ik er een aantal heb gepland. Hartstikke leuk zo'n variatie aan fruit en bloemen in je tuin! Door de mangobomen groeit er hier niet veel, maar ze houden 't huis wel heerlijk koel, ook wat waard ;)

Camille Lemmens said...

Hoi Monique,

Bedankt voor de naam van die plant of bloem.

Koelte is idnerdaad wat waard, zeker in deze tijd van het jaar!

Goed om weer van je te horen!