Monday 2 March 2009

Picnic Basket in Bang Rak update

Picnic Basket in Bang Rak update

It's been over a year now, November 2007, that I wrote an entry about Bang Rak's Picnic Basket.

The update about the Picnic Basket is that they changed location and now they're located at the right hand side of the local Recompression or Hyperbaric Chamber instead of the left hand site, when facing the chamber.

The menu pretty much remained the same but there's now the option for enjoying your food in an air conditioned room, which in my book is always an advantage.

The set up looks more or less the same but it's all a bit more spacious now and more comfortable.
For your English style food, this is a good place, especially if you live in or near Bang Rak.


Anonymous said...

you right, it looks almost the same as i remember. only the bar moved to the right side.

Johnny said...

Hi there, Sorry to bother you , but I just read you eat sometimes at the Picnic basket in Ban Rak.....Im really looking for their homepage or the owners email .
Hope to hear from you

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Johnny,

Don't think that they have a website but I will drop by and see if I can get his email adress.

Anonymous said...

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Best wishes