Monday 23 March 2009

The Phuket Weather Blog

The Phuket Weather Blog

There should be plenty more weather blogs all over Thailand, I would love to see them pop up and I would follow them accordingly! Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Hua Hin come to mind with many other possibilities up in the air.

Jamie Monk in Phuket is running exactly such a blog, the Phuket Weather Blog! Just like me, he works in the dive industry and runs a dive center in Karon, Phuket and just like me, he arrived in Thailand some 10 years after having run around the world for a bit but chose Thailand to settle down and start and raise a family. A lot of similarities!

Another great blog run by Jamie is the Real Phuket Blog, choc full of useful information about Phuket, similar to this blog and it's quite possible that in the future the Samui weather blog may split into a weather blog and a Samui blog, just like the Phuket blogs run by Jamie.

My family likes to visit Phuket and I've reported about our visits to Phuket accordingly. There's plenty to do in Phuket, it's Thailands biggest island and besides it's lovely beaches you can easily fill your days with interesting activities. We like the Kata and Rawai area of Phuket best although we never really explored the northern part of the island.

If you're planning to visit Phuket, make sure to visit Jamie's weather and Phuket blogs and get some real hands on information before you go. Blogs like Jamie's and mine is were excellent information can be found on weather and activities since we live here and report accordingly and we both agree that it's going to be hot! Songkran, here we come!

Jamie, keep on blogging and hopefully we do meet soon indeed!



Anonymous said...


Been dropping in on your blog since we were planning a trip for last September.

What time of year would you recommend as a preference to visit for the best weather - late May/early June or Mid July?

Thanks :)

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Linda,

Best thing to do is to check my archives but in general I would expect mid July to be the better option.