Monday 16 March 2009

Angela's Bakery in Maenam update

Angela's Bakery in Maenam update

It's a year and a half ago that I first wrote about Angela's bakery in Maenam and I thought that it's more than time to give an update on this outstanding eatery in Maenam, just like I gave an update on the Picnic Basket in Bang Rak earlier this month.

Things are constantly in motion and change around and sometimes for the better, like in Angela's case, where to my big delightment, there's an aircon area installed now. It keeps the noise and sticky weather outside! Smart move Angela.

This is the 'new' outside area, for smokers and 'old style' Angela aficionados.

Inside however, the homely style has been kept intact, although it now also has a bit of a diner feel to it.

This shot may explain why I think it has a bit more of a diner feel to it, looking at the diner style set up on the right hand side. In the rear you can make out the big cooler fridge where all the baked dreams come true, like the carrot cakes, the cheese cakes and the apple pies (just to name a few) are just waiting for you to be ordered!

The food remained very good over the years and again pictured above, just like a year and half ago is the creamy chicken has. Other faves on the menu are Angela's club sandwich and the various salads that are on offer.
The home baked bread for sale is well worth the trip to Maenam. Angela's is open from 8 am to 6 pm, make sure to stop when driving by or plan a visit, it's one of the best lunches to be had on the island.

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Anonymous said...

I remember Angela's Club Sandwich. Yummi nice big and a bit crispy.