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Sunday, 29 March 2009

School holidays have started

School holidays have started

Which means that last Friday my daughter and son had their last day on school for this school term and year. Our house will be busy for the next couple of weeks! The holidays may slightly differ from school to school but they are all pretty much closed by now.

My daughter is in the highest class, Anubaan 3, so she 'graduated' this year but unfortunately she can't move on to another school, a new level and challenge since she's born just about 3 weeks out of the deadline for moving up another level.
Next year will see her back at the same school.

The school entrance before the masses invaded. Everything ready for a festive meet and the good luck fireworks had already been set off, as the bottom left corner proofs!

Outside the gates all kind of merchandise is being sold, including these 'cute' flower bouquets with a stuffed animal in it. Blue for the boys with a Doraemon and pink for the girls with a bear or a doll.

Inside somebody has the contract for the official photos, which loads of folks will purchase! The actual moment when the children are handed their 'graduation' paper is shot by the same guys that run the stand above and can be purchased separately, smart ($) thinking by the school.

It was soooo hot that everybody was waiting and hanging out under the trees or where ever there was shade on the school grounds.

Last but not least, I can't with hold this make shift Buddha offering place. A plastic tree nailed up against a tree, a true classic in the 'This is Thailand' vein!


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