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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Goodbye to March 2009

Goodbye to March 2009

March has been good this year, in contrast to last year March when there was loads of rain and bad weather.

This years March edition saw plentiful of sun and hot weather and is gearing up nicely towards April, usually the hottest month in the year.

Significant news at the home front is that the children have started their school holidays we're having a busy household right now!

Hope you enjoy the blog and that you will either visit Samui or Thailand soon or that you consider coming out here, the weather is grand and there's plenty to do or alternatively just sit back and relax at a quiet beach.



Ben Shingleton said...

Hi Camille, I would love to visit Sumui at some point, hopefully in 2009, I have never been there (nor has the wife) so if we get the chance we will take it. Will check the dive blog in the meantime, I love diving, although I do find it completely terrifying at the same time, if that makes sense? All the best, Ben

Mike said...

Camille this is my second year here and I am sure that it hotter than last year.

We have also had significantly less rain. Two showers since November!

Not that I miss the cold dank days of the UK though.

Camille Lemmens said...

@ Ben, would be rgeat to meet you here and take you for a dive. Once you done that, you just love it!

@ Mike, definately warmer compared to last year!