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Saturday, 7 March 2009

It's wedding time again on Samui

It's wedding time again on Samui

A few days ago I already reported from a wedding held at My Friend restaurant in Bophud and today it was wedding time on Chaweng Lake road, just one of the three weddings I was aware of today.
This was a big wedding and the families involved must be well off, being able to organise such a big party.

This photo gives you an idea about the amount of people expected, it easily caters to approximately 2000 people who all will eat and drink! Chairs and tables until the eye can see.

During this wedding an unusual thing happened, which I hadn't seen before. Due the high day time temperature and the fact that there's no shade at the wedding party tables, everybody just hung out at the main building overlooking the party area until things cooled enough. The picture above shows everybody waiting in the shade.

Things you have to do to get some shade, umbrella's are the fashion of the day.

This photo clearly shows how after a while a lot of folks moved from the building to a shady part of the party area, but are still waiting for the sun to lower, so it's shade will cover the tables.
All tables on the left hand are still unoccupied.

A similar angle just after sunset and the whole party area is booming and buzzing with a good 2000 guests.

A typical set up for the wedding party table; catering to 8 persons, with drinks, soda, Coke and another soft drink and a bottle of Thai Whiskey, in this case the rather upscale Regency.
A real hi-so wedding will have Johnnie Walker Black label but a lot of the weddings we visit have lesser known brand names on the table.

A party for 2000 who need to eat asks for some serious catering facilities and the pots and pans used are massive!

After we left the party, we encountered a typical Thai party or gathering phenomena, we were blocked in or parked in by other party goers. Double parking is no problem and it seems that the average Thai person only cares how he can park his car and doesn't seem to be interested in how he or somebody else can get away!
My wife had to go back to the wedding and have the number plate call out so that the owner of the car could move his vehicle and we could leave.
Another interesting afternoon and always good to stuff yourself! Usually there's good Thai and local Samui style food and lots of family around. You end up with 8 people on a table and many times we sit down with some, to me, unknown local Samui people. A good thing that my wife is local, since she always tends to know all the folks that we share a table with.
At the end of the evening, when you go home, you hand over an envelope with money in it, ranging from a couple of hundred Baht to 500,- a 1.000,- or more, pending on what social level the wedding is and how well you know the bride and/or groom.


SoftmatSg said...


I'm following your blog for some time already and I really enjoy it.

This wedding looks really impressive. I'm surprised that the party began when the sun was still high.Wouldn't it be just more reasonable to ask the guests to come somewhere around 18:00 -19:00?


Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Nikodem,

The usual starting time on all invitations is 5 pm. In this case it would make total sense to start later, which everybody did in an improvised way!

Although it was hot it was also fun to observe!

Mike said...

Camille, that looks like a great wedding. Funny you should say about the cars, I often get blocked when parking just to go to the shops.

Mostly though its motorcycles that are the problem.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Mike,

It was a big wedding indeed, not the biggest I've attened yet, but ranges up there with the 'big boys' ;-)

Well, I guess when you stay long enough ehre, very likely you'll encounter the parking issues as well! ITI = This is Thailand!

MoniqueSamui said...

Wij hebben dus wel in de zon gezeten en ik heb me dan ook zo weinig mogelijk bewogen tijdens de bruiloft van ons buurmeisje afgelopen vrijdag! Gelukkig maakte het Chinese eten veel goed ;) krijg alleen koppijn van die harde muziek en begeleidende valse geluiden van iedereen die de microfoon te pakken krijgt :)

Camille Lemmens said...

Hoi Monique,

Ja, het eten maakt veel goed, meestal!

De muziek en de rest hoort erbij! Strategies een goede plek uitzoeken, zeker niet naast de speakers gaan zitten!