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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Welcome to November 2008

Welcome to November 2008

This is usually the 'wet' month, the height of the monsoon or rainy season.
Last year we were a couple of hours of rain away from being declared a disaster area on Koh Samui and for a few hours we had this doubtful honour. The amount of hits on my blog went through the roof with 7000 hits during November.
In contrast, two years ago we hardly had any rain at all during the rainy season in November 2006.

This year looks very good so far, although I do expect some rain later during this month but at the moment things look on the upside and the forecast for the coming days is very good, with almost no rain and actually bits and pieces of sunshine are being projected. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Keep visiting my blog this month and hopefully you will either decide to visit Samui soon or are already counting the days before you set foot here!

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Henri said...

Looks very good so far ;). I will be visiting Koh Samui from Nov 23 onwards for one week. Looked at your posts from last year and it seemed like the rainy days were in the first half of Nov. I will keep my fingers crossed that there will also be sunshine at the time of my visit ;)

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Henri,

You're not the only crossing his fingers!

John said...

I am scheduled to be on Samui last 5 days this November.
I tried to set up tours and my tour operator said don't come it will rain hard every day.
I have been to samui in september & it was nice----should i go somewhere else or stick it out-if I change I would lose some airfare change fees and part of the hotel costs?
Is there any site that has sort of reliable weather forecasts for samui in case I check when i get into Bangkok and could go elsewhere if it was awful?
Thanks for your help.


Camille Lemmens said...

Hi John,

At this stage it's very difficult to predict how the weather will be towards the end of November. Despite how unusually nice it is right now, I do expect sooner later a bit more rain in November. My blog has various links to long term(ish) weather predictors, personally I like Windguru.
The best plan right now is to fly into Bangkok and take it from there, see how the weather is on Samui and make your decision on the spot.

John said...

Big thanks