Monday, 13 August 2007

Koh Tao scenes

Some Koh Tao scenes for you

It's been a gorgeous day today with lots of sunshine. The trip over to Koh Tao was pretty uneventful but the Seatran ferry was very full. It's high season all over the place! Koh Tao itself is also packed to the rafters and the bigger resorts can only accommodate people with reservations. Since I'm here on Koh Tao for a PADI IE, have a look at my dive blog entry about the mentioned PADI IE

Here's a view on Sairee Beach, the beaches aren't that crowded, since the crowds go diving on Koh Tao!

Here's a view of the beach in Sairee till the end of the bay. Last month when I was in Koh Tao, I posted some pix of this beach, but than towards the Mae Haad end of the beach

Here's a very nice spot, not far from Sairee to hang out in the shade with a beautiful dark and light blue ocean in the back ground.

Or not far away, a bamboo hut between the shade of the trees directly on the beach!

The beach road between Mae Haad and Sairee Beach.

Progress and the 21st century have however also reached Koh Tao, as these massive road signs proof! To be admired in Mae Haad.

On the way to the place where the PADI IE took place, I encountered this football tournament, with real referees and linesman and various teams participating.

The 'crowd' and their vehicles parked where ever there was space.

Tomorrow hopefully some more pix of Koh Tao, hope you enjoyed these. Feel free to leave comments!


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