Thursday 30 August 2007

Big Buddha Phuket

Big Buddha Phuket

Today it was a nice and sunny day in the morning and it was time to kick back and relax at the pool with the kids.

Here are some pix of the pool at Centara Kata Resort. It’s a very big pool and has a small kiddy pool as well.

What the kids love most is the waterslide!

Another view of the pool. The hotel has 3 pools in total.

After the pool party, we were off to the Big Buddha in Phuket. The Big Buddha here is still under construction.

It’s on top of a big mountain and they’re construction a road to the top which is almost completed. On top you have great views over the Chalong harbor and Phuket town.

These funny things are the hair that’s going to be on Big Buddha’s head. You can ‘buy’ such a piece of hair and it will have your name stuck onto it on a piece of paper as sponsor for Big Buddha. The pieces are covered by marble.

The area is laced with various kinds of Buddha’s in various sizes. This one I liked for it’s peaceful appearance.

What I personally like about many of the temples in Thailand is the ‘old’ feel that many places have, this room has that old feel to it, with all the old pictures on the wall. It's almost as if time stood still.
As you could see in the first picture, eventually the Big Buddha should be covered with marble, this must be part of the marble that’s going to cover the statue.

A beautifully designed multi headed statue.

This area I would consider the inside of the temple that belongs to Big Buddha. There’s a monk sitting on the left, praying and chanting for people who do their ‘Tambun’.

Here are some dragon’s that live on top of a tubular bell.

Here's, at last, a detailed picture of the actual Buddha statue, still under construction.

Hope you enjoyed the pix.


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