Sunday, 26 August 2007

Sao's wedding party

The wedding party was in the early afternoon near the Donsak pier in a local school.

The location was inside a gym hall, which was turned into a giant room with dozens of tables where all the guests could eat and drink.

This must've been one of the prime weekends for weddings this year so far, all over the place wedding parties were held and we met and saw various wedding convoys, on their way to their respective parties.

Here's a view from the back, in front you can clearly view the typical table set up, with 8 covers, a bottle of Thai Whiskey, a big bottle of Coke, a couple of smaller bottles of Soda water and a bucket of ice.

Once a party of 8 (or less) is seated, the food starts arriving. In this case we were served Moo Waan (sweet pork, delicious!), Plaa Nung Manau (Steamed white snapper with chili sauce), Yam Saam Klob (spicy mixed salad), Pat Pak Ruam (mixed fried vegetables), Tom Yam Talee ( sour sea food soup) and Kao Pat (fried rice).

The couple had to endure loads of speeches and here they are with the MC.

Outside the people that left were donating their envelopes, which contain money. The amount of money in the envelope depends on how well you know the person in question, and ranges from a couple of hundred baht to a couple of thousand Baht or sometimes even more. All envelopes are named, so the receiver now knows how much he has to give next time you throw a party.

A view of the entrance of the hall, on the left the table with the white boxes for the envelopes, in front the entrance to the hall and on the right a picture of the wedded couple with flowers.

All in all a great day which went by rather quickly. The kids had a blast, met some old friends and played till there was no tomorrow. They're both dreaming right behind me in the room.

My wife had a great time since it was her best friend being married and she met various other old friends, amongst other Kob, who she doesn't get to see that much, since they live about 1500 KM away.

Tomorrow morning it'll be a relaxed breakfast in the hotel and than off to Phuket, unless we have lunch with Kob first!

Hope you enjoyed today's pix and I'm looking forward to hear your comments.


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