Tuesday 21 August 2007

Kao Man Gai Hai Lam in Lamai

Kao Man Gai Hai Lam,

That's what it reads on the sign below and that's the restaurant in Lamai where my wife and myself had lunch today, during our trip around the island.

Kao Man Gai, is a chicken dish, prepared in a special way, over specially prepared rice. My favorite Kao Man Gai restaurant is in Bophud however (more about that place in the future), not this one. I like to visit this place for different dishes.

This is how the place looks like from the outside. They just had some major reconstruction, since the whole place moved about 30 or 40 meters to the left!

The restaurant can be found on the main road, coming direction Chaweng, after the turn to Lamai beach road. It's a bit further down the road than the big PTT gas station in Lamai on the main road, on the left side.

They also have a couple of Chinese style dishes on the menu, dishes I haven't seen anywhere on the island.

This is the dish I ordered today, 'Moo Klob', crispy pork with a slightly sweet and sour (more sweet though) red sauce. In the Netherlands it would come close to Babi Pangang. This is a traditional Chinese dish.

My wife mentioned that Hai Lam, in the name of the restaurant is a region or province in China, where apparently a lot of Chinese who inhabited Samui, came from.

My wife had a lovely 'Kaa Moo' dish, pork leg, well done, in a brown sauce/gravy. There's a lot of small road side restaurants serving this dish, but in this place one can get a very tasty one!

The Thai condiments for the dishes, the two sauces are delicious and are normally used for the Kao Man Gai dish.

If you're in the Lamai area, this place is well worth a visit, very simple and basic but lovely food! Highly recommended by me and still going strong in August 2013, we're still visiting whenever we're nearby.

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Anonymous said...

Great blogs Camille. How are you? - Farah

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Farah,

Good to hear from you.

Glad to see you like the blogs.

Are you still studying Stateside or has that been completed by now?

It'd be nice to hear from you on a regular base, kee checking the blogs and hope to see some more comments by you.

Anonymous said...

Yummi Babi Pangang. Something we know very well in Holland.

Camille Lemmens said...

This place serves an excellent one!