Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The August winds and Nathon

The August winds and what they do to Nathon

Since a couple of days there's an unusual, much stronger wind coming in to Samui than is considered normal for this time of the year.
Nathon, that is taking the full force of the current winds, is experiencing a few unexpected side effects of those winds.

The local kite board school is having a field day in front of Nathon. The full force of the winds is blowing in to Nathon (and thus leaving Chaweng beach flat as mirror!) and the kite boarders are taking full advantage of this. The last week I've been almost on a daily base to see the children's doctor at Nathon, since first my daughter had to go 4 days in a row, sitting on an inhaler and my daughter completed her treatment, within two days, my son needed to go, so we're up to 3 days in a row again.

Every day however, this rather new and unusual sight, is in full action in front of Nathon, just a bit north and outside of Nathon. There's quite a few of them and they're having loads of fun with the current blazes!

Here's one of them in action, trying to lift off, out of the water.

The beach road in Nathon is getting a beating as well and is sprayed by the waves coming in. Nothing too spectacular, but for this time of the year rather unusual.

As this picture shows, I wasn't the only one taking picture of the waves in Nathon!

A very unfortunate side effect of the waves crashing in on Nathon, is that the complete Western coastline of Samui is full of trash with the usual array of coconut waste, empty plastic containers and you name it.

Here's a picture of inside Nathon and one of it's rather typical Chinese style houses that are so plentiful in Nathon.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and I'm looking forward to your comments or contributions.



Anonymous said...

Are the kids OK? Nothing too serious I hope...

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your concern.

They're both OK again, they had to go because they needed to inhale meds each day. Costs 100,-Baht per time, with the doc in Nathon compared to 1.000,-Baht or more in one of the Chaweng hospitals!